Why Are Female Cartoons Hard To Draw?


Not really sure I have the answer to why they are so hard to draw.  After all I’m just getting shared with form of expression and like the “block” or “Lego” character look.

After creating a few more abstract characters I figured I’d try to create a simple cartoon female. It is actually pretty hard using simple shapes to create something that wouldn’t be purely insulting to any woman.  I guess there is something about having a body of a box that doesn’t sit well.

I’ve always thought the reason that many female cartoon characters where over the top was due to their mainly male creators. But after trying create a politically correct cartoon woman it ends up not having any feminine features.  Maybe that is why Barbie is oddly proportioned as she does.

In the spirit of sharing please find below the Photoshop template. Feel free to modify to meet your needs. Any link backs or comments would be appreciated.



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