Using PositionApp To Help Make Sense Of It All

positionapp_single-165x300 Got the next great iPhone App Idea?  Maybe you’re working on one or lucky enough to have made it to the App Store already.  Either way, how do you track where the market is going? 

I’ve been using the magic eight ball approach hitting the web trying to read as many reviews and rates as I could. 

Thank you MobileCrunch for your article on PositionApp.  This iPhone App aggregates all of the trend data for you and displays it back by country, category, and position.  You can even add favorites so you can watch what your app is doing.  The graphics are pretty outstanding for this kind of app. 

Best part, it is free for a limited time. Not sure what the limited time is so get it while you can. 

My only complaint is I wish this was available as a desktop application.  It is nice that I can view it on my iPhone anywhere, but if you are doing market research the 320 x 480 screen is alittle small.  Or maybe this is just another excuse to get an iPad.

You can download PositionApp from iTunes here [iTunes Link]


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