Cookie Cutter Apps

Cookie Cutter Apple recently started rejecting “Cookie Cutter Apps”.  I’m left wondering what was the reason for this policy?  Maybe Apple had seen one to many Duck Apps and decided to start pushing back.

Although I could not agree more that you need to create an engaging application that provides some kind of value proposition I’m left wondering what this means for the brochure or business card applications.

Does this change the ongoing debate that your business needs to have an iPhone App in much the same way that you need to have a website.  This was even a CES panel discussion topic last year.

The rule of thumb that I’ve been using is to leverage whatever platform you are building on. Even if you are developing a better iPhone flashlight try to use some of the features that make an iPhone an iPhone. Such as touch enable a few things, use some advanced scrollview tricks, or how using CoreAnimation to add that extra pop.

At the end of the day, no matter if you are building a brochure app or the next big iPhone game you need to engage your users and leave a memorable ( in a good way ) impression.


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