Removing Expired Provision Profiles

Over the last few days I’ve been getting alerts on my iPhone that my provisioning profiles are about to expire.  Being new to the iPhone development process, I missed the fact that Development Provisioning Profiles expire after four months.  After updating my profiles I was surprised to see that I kept getting warnings. It seemed now that I had both the new and expiring profiles being synched each time I connected my iPhone to iTunes.

Once the older Development Provisioning Profiles expired my applications stopped working.  I found the below steps worked to correct the issue:

  1. Delete the applications from your iPhone
  2. Remove the Development Provisioning Profiles that are expiring from your iPhone.  This can be found under Settings –> General –> Profiles.
  3. Remove your applications from iTunes
  4. Remove old Provisioning Profiles under ~/Library/MobileDevice/Provisiong Profiles ( Finder window shown below )
  5. Generate new Provisioning Profiles through Apple’s iPhone Developer Program Portal
  6. Install your new Provisioning Profiles into XCode.  The “How To” tab under the Provisioning link in the iPhone Developer Program Portal provides a step by step tutorial on how to do this.
  7. Re-build your application and follow the your standard process for publishing your application to your device.



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