How To Fix A BlackBerry Calendar Sync Error

I like seemingly everyone in Corporate America has a BlackBerry.  It is a great device for email, but using it for anything else can be painful.  A recent example of this would be every time I Sync my calendar, I would get a helpful runtime error that force closes BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  The runtime error offered no hint that the underlying issue was corruption in the device’s calendar database.

This can be easily fixed using the below steps:

  1. Open BlackBerry Desktop Manager
  2. Open the Synchronize menu FixA
  3. Once in the Synchronize menu uncheck the Synchronize automatically option Fixb
  4. Go back to the Main Menu
  5. Connect your device
  6. Once your device is connected click on the Backup and Restore menu fix1
  7. Then select the Advance Option fix2
  8. Upon clicking on the Advanced option all of your device’s databases will be loaded
  9. Select your calendar databases as shown below. fix3
  10. Then press the Clear button.  You will be prompted if you want to clear the databases from your device.  Press Yes. This will reset your Calendar Databases on your device.  The calendar you are synchronizing will not be impacted.fix5
  11. After you’ve cleared your device’s Calendar databases you should now be able to synchronize without issue.


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