Working with Git on the Mac

Over the last few months I’ve found myself doing more and more development on the Mac. Though it has taken some getting used to MonoDevelop, TextMate, and Titanium are now daily companions. The more I develop the more I seem to be struggling with the last and most important piece of the development workflow, source code management.

At first I tried SCPlugin, a clone of the TortoiseSVN which I use daily. The only problem is as soon as you upgrade to Snow Leopard, this is no longer an alternative.

It seems as though everyone is using Git. Since switching to the Mac comes with it’s own learning curve, now seems the right time to give Git on the Mac a try.

I found the following StackOverFlow posts extremely helpful starting place to find what clients are available:

After alittle digging around I’ve found GitX. The project looked promising and has gotten many good reviews. Unfortunately coming from a Windows development background it doesn’t yet fit my workflow. I’ll be tracking this project going forward. GitX-History

I also found Gitty and SmartGit. Both of these are commercial software packages.

Gitty is reasonably priced at $18 and offers a majority of the functionality anyone would need.

The modified view allows you to quickly see the status of your files. I did find the list view challenging to navigate for large projects.

SmartGit offers both a Commercial and Non Commercial License. They also provide a Windows and Mac version. The SmartGit product so far seems to be the best fit for my development style.

I’m still waiting to see what functionality differs between the Commercial and Non Commercial versions. The price tag of $69 is alittle high to be used for open-source or hobby development. SmartGit seems focused on providing an Enterprise product for cross platform development.

If you have any recommendations for this Git newbie I’d be greatly appreciated.

Happy development.


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