Sound, When Words & Images Are Not Enough

One of the joys and challenges of designing mobile applications is using the multimedia features of the device to provide cues on how to use your program.  The iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre all provide advanced graphic, video, and audio support.

We all know our applications need to look got to even get downloaded.  But, let’s not forget the proper use of sound can be just as important as your visual cues.  If you are building a game I would doubly stress the important of sound.  If you’ve ever played Mike Tyson’s Punch Out as a kid you most likely can’t remember many of the characters but you can remember the crowd roar and the bell ring.

Apple has made effective use of sound in many of their applications.  For those of us who use the iPhone delay the most common example is the sound played letting you know your mail has been sent.

A few resources to get you started:

Before purchasing any media resources carefully review the licensing options. If they are not 100% clear for your situation I highly recommend contacting the vendor for permission and/or details. 


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