A Windows Dev’s venture into Mac Development… SCM

I admit it, I’ve fallen for Apple’s marketing and gotten a Mac. Like countless others it all started with the idea it might be “fun” to develop an iPhone app. The idea of developing something that you can interact with at such a personal level is very appealing.

After much research, and a painful “Hello World” lashing from XCode I’m ready to start.

Since this is a totally new development platform, I had to start with the basics. How do I manage my source code? As a daily sure of TortoiseSVN and ProjectLocker I wanted to keep my existing workflow. Enter SCPlugin. SCPlugin has integration with Finder and so far seems to let me keep the same development workflow I have in Windows on the Mac.

Since I’ve just started, I can’t fully recommend this SVN plugin but it looks promising. If you’re a Windows dev like me exploring the Mac, I recommend giving it a try at http://scplugin.tigris.org

Also check out ProjectLocker ( https://www.projectlocker.com), their SVN plans are tailor made for side projects, or start-ups.



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