Looking for iPhone Tab Bar Icons?

Ever reach a brick wall in designing your app due to a shortage of artwork? I ran into this situation this morning, and figured I’d share what I’ve found for others that might be similarly design handicapped.

iPhone Tab Bar Icons

Just remember your app can get rejected for the incorrect use of icons or breaking the iPhone Human Interface Guidelines. I found the blog post “icon fail” by Under the Bridge extremely helpful in understanding the importance of selecting your icons.


baddriverdave said...

Every Tuesday, I'll be releasing 2 new icons on my company blog: http://phodder.com/blog/ . Calling it "Tab Bar Twosdays. Check it out!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching the web for icon sets. Thanks for setting up that list! I just came across tab bar icons at iconsberlin.com . There are more than 300 icons. Maybe you are interested in that source for completeness.

Igor said...

We use icons from http://glyphish.com/ in PerTrainer iPhone application http://pertrainer.com

You can see screenshots here:

I also found some good icons here:
Happy developing.

icondesign.dk said...

I've made some quality tabbar icons which are available for free also.


icondesign.dk said...

Hey there,
I made almost 200 as well :)

Get them at:

billybarker said...

Check out these iPhone 4 Tab Bar Icons that have the @2x retina size - there are 350 icons in the set. http://www.billybarker.net/350-mobile-app-icons-for-developers/

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